Whether you are an owner or a tenant, you can call on our services: Management, Property Valuation, Works and Customer Support

Property Management

If are an owner and wish to rent your property, furnished or unfurnished (an apartment, shop, business premises, etc.), call upon our property rental management!

We take care of everything - managing your property on a daily basis, lettings, choosing tenants, inventories, drafting a lease, various contracts related to tenants, dealing with managing agents and matters relating to co-owned properties, etc.

Property Valuation

Would you like a precise idea of the value of your property?  AIBB can provide you with an accurate valuation of your property, whatever the type (apartment, offices, shop premises, car parks, etc.)


We can undertake all your work.  We have been working for many years with professionals in whom we have complete confidence.

Customer Support

We can help you with all stages of a transaction - from finding a property until the time you move in.  We will advise you and help you with all the necessary procedures, working together to ensure a successful outcome.   In particular, we can help you with Monegasque administrative formalities (such as vehicle registration, Monaco residency card, opening bank accounts, etc.)